Massage Therapy Albuquerque

A massage is more than rest and relaxation—it’s healing for the body. Active Solutions Therapy is proud to offer massage therapy services to patients in Albuquerque, Edgewood, and Cedar Crest, helping to treat a variety of conditions and support good health and wellness. Praised for its healing potential and ability to remedy both the mind and body, we guarantee that one session of massage therapy will restore your mind, relax your body, and leave you wanting more!

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Renewed Body, Renewed Spirit

Whether you’re in the process of recovering from an injury or need to treat a painful condition, massage therapy can help! Using a variety of techniques, movements, and pressures to work the muscles and other soft tissues, massage therapy can be personalized to you, your body, and performance goals. Targeting both the mind and body, some of the many benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Reduced stress and improved relaxation
  • Elimination of pain, stiffness, and tension
  • Increased circulation, energy, and range of motion
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Boosted mental health and wellness
  • And more!

Massage Therapy ABQ

Our Albuquerque massage therapists have studied the body and understand its composition and anatomy. It's this unique level of knowledge and experience that makes our team the leading choice for massage therapy in New Mexico! We specialize in identifying and treating all types of conditions, and ensure a restful, rejuvenating experience that’s completely personalized to you! Experts in all areas of massage therapy, Active Solutions Therapy is proud to offer all types of massage services, including:

The most common type of massage, focused on providing a relaxed experience with soft, long movements.

Deep Tissue
Targeting problem areas deep within the body using deliberate strokes and increased pressure.

A therapy provided to improve the muscle system, flexibility, and performance of particular sports and activities.

Custom Therapy
Intended to aid in the recovery or prevention of injuries and conditions, while promoting improved strength and mobility.

A successful recovery and enhanced performance await at Active Solutions Therapy! We’re eager to guide you in healing your body and restoring your mind with massage therapy in Albuquerque, and invite you to schedule an appointment with us today!

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