Massage Therapy in Edgewood

Massage therapy in conjunction with physical therapy is a natural, drug-free way to help treat pain and improve quality of life. It reduces stress and anxiety, boosts blood circulation and lymph flow, increases endorphins, and improves range of motion and muscle flexibility. At Active Solutions Therapy, we offer massage therapy services in Edgewood that work to improve your lifestyle, improve your range of motion, reduce pain, and more.

Optimize Treatment & Rehabilitation

Massage therapy combines the latest technology with traditional healing arts to relax muscles and ease pain. It can be used for general well-being, sports performance, and injury recovery. Active Solutions Therapy offers a well-trained staff of skilled, licensed therapists. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure your safety and comfort during your massage therapy session and employ a mix of old-school and modern techniques, like trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Massage therapy can assist with recovery from surgery by reducing postoperative pain, stress, and anxiety, as well as help with re-aligning muscles and joints.

Improve Flexibility & Range of Motion

Massage therapy in Edgewood can be a great way to increase your range of motion and flexibility. It's also a great treatment for those who are suffering from chronic pain. Our licensed massage therapists use several modalities to customize their sessions for your needs. We’ll discuss your medical history and desired results, locate painful or tense areas of the body, and create personalized treatment plans.

Massage therapy works on muscles, connective tissues, and joints to improve your range of motion. By keeping your joints more fluid, massage therapy can make them become less likely to be injured. It can also improve your movement by treating soreness and loosening your muscles.

Quicker Recovery with Massage Therapy

If you have been injured or are undergoing rehabilitation, it is highly recommended that you incorporate massage therapy into your treatment plan. This will help to reduce pain, and stress and increase the body’s ability to relax. This can lead to better results in your rehabilitation process and will also help you to recover more quickly between workouts.

Trigger point massage is a great technique to use during rehabilitation because it is designed to target and relieve pain and stiffness. It involves a combination of deep compression and assisted stretching to target the areas that need to be released. Massage therapy in Edgewood can help improve your overall physical health by helping to prevent injury and improve your recovery after a workout.

Assist with Nerve Pain and TMJ

Massage therapy is a safe, non-invasive, and effective treatment option for reducing pain, improving mobility, and increasing range of motion. Our therapists will adjust pressure, technique, and duration to match your needs as well as your underlying health condition. Massage therapy in Edgewood is also an effective pain management treatment option for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis. This is because it increases blood flow and promotes tissue healing. If you have a chronic pain condition, it is important to know your body's limits and to seek care if the pain becomes worse. Regardless of the cause, if it gets to the point where you cannot function normally due to constant discomfort, see your doctor immediately.

Our physical therapists can assist with nerve pain and TMJ by providing massage and manual therapy. We will teach you specific exercises to improve jaw movement and help break up scar tissues that sometimes develop when chronic injuries occur. We may also refer you to a dentist who can provide bite guards that reduce unnecessary strain on the joint.

Mental Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not only good for your body, but it can also be beneficial for your mental health. This is because it can reduce stress, increase relaxation, and induce a sense of calm and peace. Massages can improve your mood by lowering feelings of anxiety, which is helpful for those who are experiencing high levels of stress. It can help you become more relaxed and assist with improving peace and clarity of mind as well as potentially boosting your energy levels. There are strong connections between body and mind, and the peaceful environment and relaxing sessions of massage therapy in Edgewood can help improve your overall mental wellness.

At Active Solutions Therapy, we work with our clients to provide treatment that can improve well-being and overall health. If you are interested in our massage therapy services in Edgewood, reach out to our team to discover how massage therapy can improve your life. We also offer a variety of other services that can help improve your health—browse our physical therapy services in Edgewood and reach out to schedule an appointment today.

A successful recovery and enhanced performance await at Active Solutions Therapy! We’re eager to guide you in healing your body and restoring your mind with massage therapy in Albuquerque, and invite you to schedule an appointment with us today!

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