Medical Massage in Edgewood

More than temporary rest and relaxation, massages can produce targeted, tangible results. Typically included in a treatment plan, medical massages are intended to remedy a specific problem or achieve a specific outcome, and are customized to the health needs and goals of each patient.

Specializing in a variety of techniques and practices, the massage therapists of Active Solutions Therapy are proud to offer medical massages Edgewood area. Whether to improve mobility, manage stress, recover from an injury, or enhance sports performance—call us today at (505) 286-7838 to schedule a medical massage session.

Our Medical Massage Process

Beginning with an evaluation, our Edgewood medical massage therapists will get to know you and your body by addressing the following; what areas of your body are bothering you and how long have they been an issue? What’s your typical level of physical activity? Have you suffered any illnesses or injuries? What are your goals for your medical massage therapy sessions and what do you hope to achieve in completing them? These questions will guide us in formulating a plan of treatment and identifying the following:

Medical Outcomes
Unlike spa massages, medical massages are outcome-based and focus on a specific medical need. Some may seek a medical massage to manage pain while others may want to increase flexibility. Whatever your need, our medical massage therapists will work to identify and treat it.

Targeted Techniques
While typical spa massage techniques focus on relaxation, a medical massage focuses on your overall health and recovery. Using varying pressures, tools, and methods, our Edgewood medical massage therapists will administer the best combination to address your medical concerns.

Continued Healing
Though extremely important, a medical massage is just one part of the process. In addition to medical massage therapy sessions, our therapists will advise you on additional practices and recommendations that will help you achieve great, quick results.

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