Physical Therapists Edgewood

Your body and performance are infinitely connected. Just as your body directly affects your performance, how you perform also affects your body. It’s an ongoing process that our experts are dedicated to, studying the body's movement, identifying faulty patterns, and optimizing how it functions. The goal: enhance both your body and performance, and consequently, your quality of life!

Here at Active Solutions Therapy in Edgewood, we go beyond physical therapy and provide individualized solutions aimed towards your specific needs. Whether for a sport or surgical procedure, we provide both prevention and recovery programs focused on optimizing each patient's recovery and performance.

If you’re ready to start moving again or need a little help staying in motion, look no further than the Edgewood physical therapists at Active Solutions Therapy!

Specialized Programs

Available to our Edgewood physical therapy patients is a variety of specialized programs, including:

Orthopedic Physical Therapy
Focusing on movement evaluation and treatment, our orthopedic physical therapy program helps anyone return to an active lifestyle following an injury or surgery. This program is suitable for all ages and treats a variety of conditions.

Pre & Post Surgical Treatment
Preparing for surgery is just as important as recovering. We help patients with both, providing treatments that target the affected and surrounding areas, joints, and tissues to encourage a quick and successful recovery.

Sports Injury Prevention & Recovery
These treatments are suitable for any sport, and not only help athletes recover from an injury, but prevent them, too! We’ll help you get back to doing what you love with individualized treatments for your specific sport.

Sport Performance Therapy
Identifying and resolving biomechanical issues, sport performance therapy helps athletes optimize their performance and unlock their true potential. Whether to reduce the chances of a future injury or to simply level-up, this therapy is sure to enhance your game!

And More!
We also offer a variety of other physical therapy services to the Edgewood area, including everything from dry needling and massage therapy to injury-specific treatments, such as ACL and baseball injury prevention and recovery.

Edgewood’s Trusted Physical Therapy

When it comes to choosing a physical therapist in Edgewood, you have options—so why not choose the best? Active Solutions Therapy has been trusted by patients throughout Edgewood, Cedar Crest, Albuquerque, and beyond for expert physical therapy services.

Call Active Solutions Therapy (505) 286-7838 and discover how we can enhance your body, performance, and overall life!